Static Sock - Pair of Socks (v2a) update

Static Sock's post jam version is now available!


- 2-Player local multiplayer
- New menu
- Fullscreen mode (press f11)

- Minor bug fixes
- "C" can be used in place of "Z"
- Yellow birds now make a unique sound

This will likely be the only update, as I feel there isn't much more I can do to expand the game.

However, I'm still working on stuff - follow me on Twitter for updates on that (thinking of doing something kinda Metroidvaniary).


Static Sock (Windows, 64-Bit) 6 MB
Feb 21, 2019
Static Sock (Universal .love) 2 MB
Feb 21, 2019
Static Sock (Windows, 32-Bit) 6 MB
Feb 21, 2019

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