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* terms and conditions apply. survival not guarenteed.

Brave the dangers of a gemstone-rich asteroid belt in your all-new, extremely safe mining ship*!

* safe from space only. asteroids may cause fatal damage

Use your mining lazers to extract gems and hop around the belt.

For every gem you collect, you be awarded one Point on your record.

Collect enough gems and you may become applicable for a shield, keeping you safe from all harm*. For safety reasons, the amount of gems required increases for each shield.

* shields can only survive the impact of one asteroid

Don't want that shield? Collecting gems while your shield bar is full will be rewarded with double Points!

* for security reasons, your ship must remain within the work area at all trimes. Any attempt to leave will be denied.


Left/Right : Move

X : Fire

Z : Activate shield

Press escape show the pause/settings menu, conrols are configureable in-game.


If you experience any bugs, leave a comment and I'll take a look (preferably with an error message, it can be copied with ctrl-c).


.zip version needs to be extracted, use the .exe file in it.


.love version needs to be run with Love2D: https://love2d.org/

Made in version 11.2. Newer versions should also work, if they don't leave a comment and I'll look into it.


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StellaMine_v1b.zip (Windows) 9 MB
StellaMine_v1b.love (Universal) 5 MB

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The games best core strenght is that addictive gameplay. The core mechanics work great, picking the game up and playing it right away feels natural and the game creates a sense of flow immediately.

The game also does a good job with the nice pixel art look and feel.

You could have been more effective explaining the controls in the game. I just found out there is a settings menu by re-reading the page here, and X is not the most intuitive key to press to start a game anyway.

You should also focus more on giving the player a sense of progress. Passing by planets or some nice background art or giving the player constant XP for unlocking new ships might be a good addition to the game.



Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

In retrospect it would've probably been a good idea to show the controls on the menu, if at least for the first time playing. I actually might patch this in some time.

The reason you press x to start is mostly due to it being the button you press the most often, and so that you can see how shooting works, as well as how it helps you manoevre.

I did try putting other stuff such as planets in the background, but felt it was a bit distracting, especially as not paying attention for just a few seconds can cause you to lose. I also wanted to make the setting feel more barren/abandonded.

I also don't really like implementing XP/levelling systems just to create the feeling of progress - the only reason you can change ship at all is to make what is basically an achievement system feel more rewarding. Maybe that isn't something I should disregard outright, but I feel it would only encourage one type of gameplay, whereas the different tasks require you to focus on different aspects of the game.

Some of the areas you praised (flow, pixel art, game feel), however, are things I have been trying to focus on and improve in my games and I'm glad you appreciate them!