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Made a video

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The game's quite a challenge but I absolutely loved the aesthetics and the music! Nice job on the game!

Nice game! Pretty tough as well.

This is a really good game i really like it


Oh.. Hi, I know this question may sound bad, but I really liked this game and I wanted to know how you learned the programmer in love2d

That's not a bad question at all! I remember using a tutorial but I can't remember which one specifically. However, there's a good list of tutorials on the Love2D wiki here and I've also heard that Sheepolution's tutorial is really good for learning Love2D, as well as programming in general. Hope you can make something cool! :)

thanks :P

I really like the artwork and so the gameplay. GOOD JOB!


version 32 bits ;-; ? plz

Sorry about that, uploaded 32-bit version now.

Thank you for the attention and the speed <3