The future of Celesteditor (if any)

A few people have begun comment recently on this game. I'm not sure why (maybe it has something to do with the release of the new Celeste DLC?), but I'm glad you're interested.

As I've said before, if this is ever updated I'll probably re-create the entire game from scratch, due to this being made over a year ago when I was far less experienced with making games in general. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them but it's unlikely they will be implemented into the current version.

However, there are a few reasons this is unlikely to happen:

1. Celeste modding

Anyone who cares enough about Celeste to want to make their own levels has likely already begun modding either the full game or the PICO-8 version. This leaves my game only really having the advantage of accessibility: no code to mess around with, a dedicated editor and fully browser based. I can maybe see it being in a situation similar to Bitsy: simple to use, easy to access, but heavily restricted (in this case only to Celeste levels), which leads on to the next problem.

2. Community

Bitsy only works because of the community surrounding it; a Bitsy game on its own is just a bit weird. This is somewhat similar. Celesteditor doesn't really have a community other than the few comments I mentioned earlier, despite it still getting a decent amount of views every day. I'd put this down to the quality of the current version and not being able to export as a web game - the main feature I would want in an updated version, kind of like PICO-8 mods. For now, however, there is little demand for a new version due to not many people playing and making levels (though that does seem somewhat like a "chicken or the egg" situation).

3. Engine Issues

(sorry for the technobabble haha)

For reasons mentioned above, I want this game to stay browser based. However the engine I used to make this (TIC-80) isn't great for this purpose. The map space is limited, importing/exporting files has to be done through its own console, meaning it isn't suited for this kind of game. I use LÖVE now, which works great but doesn't export to browser (at least, not easily), making both exporting the game and exported levels very difficult. I could use Construct 2 (or 3 now I think) like I used to, but I don't like engines like that any more. The best solution would be pure Javascript and maybe learning WebGL, as this also makes it easy to implement exporting levels, but I am unfamilliar with WebGL so that would obviously be quite difficult.

So yeah there's the problems with updating this. I'm probably overcomplicating things a bit, but I would like something to come out of updating this if I ever do. If you have any ideas or suggestions you can comment below. Thanks for playing/reading!


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I think you should use Love2d, since you are used to it

The main problem with using Love2D is that it doesn't export to browser, and people willing to download software would probably rather download modding software or PICO-8 to make levels. This Love2D web builder does exist but I've never been able to get it to work. I would like to use Love2D but I would prefer it to be web based.

Oh, I understand, what about Defold, isn't a framework(is a engine), but uses Lua

I normally prefer frameworks to engines but that actually looks quite interesting, I'll check it out at some point.

Hi, did you already see Amulet, is a lua game framework, with support to the web


That looks pretty interesting too. If I ever get around to making this I'll give both of your suggestions a try.

it feels embarrassing to ask this but.. how do I post something?

You mean a devlog? It has to be attached to a project (in this case Celesteditor), so you'll need to make one first.

You can also make normal forum posts at