I highly recommend you play Celeste before playing!

Note: You may have to load the game twice (refresh) for it to work.

This is a level editor for Celeste (recreated in TIC-80), created due to the lack of one in the full game (for now).

This is still a work in progress, I will hopefully be adding much more!

Share your levels, suggestions, and (hopefully no) bugs below!


Mouse - Menus

Arrow keys  -  Move / Scroll while editing

Z - Jump / Switch to test mode while editing

X - Dash / Scroll faster while editing

Up+Left/Right- Climb up

Down+Left/Right - Grab wall

Tip: As any type of file can be uploaded to itch.io, you can upload your .map file for your levels, too.

Development log


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Do you have the *.tic file for this game? When I try to download the cart using the get command, it says file not downloaded :|.

I just want to play this outside of my browser.

I don't think get works for exported browser games, and the version I have on my computer is halfway through an update I never finished which still has some bugs. If you just want to play this offline though, you can download and play any itch.io browser game offline with the app, which can be found here.

And I also find that the demo level of this is way harder for me. Stele, a copy of this game with different graphics and without the editors, I can beat more quicker. It requires VERY PRECISE timing in order to get past the spikes, because 99% of the time, I miss those green balls that make you reach the green heart and finish the level. TIC-80 really needs savestate support!

I wonder why you never released this on the TIC-80 website before Stele was released.

I don't think I even knew the TIC-80 website existed when I made this. If I ever make any other TIC-80 games I'll be sure to put them on there. And yeah, all my games are way too hard (I can barely even beat the demo level now).

do "save cartcel.tic" then "get cartcel.tic"

sooo I just made and played a level and in conclusion I think this is pretty good! I would love to see more things to make levels with from other chapters,however it still is amazing keep up the good work! :D

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately, I do not think I will be adding any new content to the game.


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Edit: Holy s@#t it worked this time!

Edit part 2:I didn't know you had to click on the screen.  :/

it's not working for me

Sorry about that! As it says on the page, if the game isn't loading, try refreshing.

This is so cool! You got the movement down pretty much perfect :D