I highly recommend you play Celeste before playing!

Note: You may have to load the game twice (refresh) for it to work.

This is a level editor for Celeste (recreated in TIC-80), created due to the lack of one in the full game (for now).

This is still a work in progress, I will hopefully be adding much more!

Share your levels, suggestions, and (hopefully no) bugs below!


Mouse - Menus

Arrow keys  -  Move / Scroll while editing

Z - Jump / Switch to test mode while editing

X - Dash / Scroll faster while editing

Up+Left/Right- Climb up

Down+Left/Right - Grab wall

Tip: As any type of file can be uploaded to itch.io, you can upload your .map file for your levels, too.

Development log


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This is so cool! You got the movement down pretty much perfect :D